I’m always searching for inspiration for home decor. I realize how important it is to keep my home fluid when it comes to decorating and designing my home. I love implementing ideas I’m might not have thought about before. Do you? Do you love the thought of bringing a summer feel to your interior decor as much as I do? When I saw these beautiful inspiring options, I knew I had to share them with you! 
Over time, home interiors can become dull and drab; leaving you feeling your home lacks that special something. If you feel this has happened to your home, then fear not, you are certainly not alone. However, there are several things you can do to introduce a touch of summer to your living areas. Bring some summer to your interior decor!

A summer feel can work wonders for the interior of the home and sometimes, a fresh look can be just what you need to bring your home back to life.

Here are a few ideas to point you in the right direction.
Using dark colors for the interior of your home can work well during the fall and winter months, but when it comes to the summer, you may well find that lighter colors work better. Dark colors such as black, brown and mauve can make a room feel dark and dingy and can make it appear smaller. If you want to create a light, summery feel, then consider beiges, creams, and possibly even white, if you dare!

The minimal living theme is widespread now. During those hot summer days, the last thing that you want is to try and entertain in your living room, surrounded by furniture that ultimately clutters the room. This can make things feel much smaller, as well as stuffy and uncomfortable.

If you would like to make sure your living rooms have a refreshing, relaxing atmosphere, then minimal living is definitely an approach worth considering. I love the use of shutters here. They are so bright and add a punch of summer to your home all year-long!

For some reason, there is something about handcrafted furniture, either upcycled or made from things like driftwood, that tends to bring a summer feel to the home. The great news is that these types of furniture are readily available as they are presently highly popular.
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What can work well is painting natural wood flooring white, and pairing it with a natural driftwood coffee table or some upcycled shelving units.

Many people make the mistake of using a lot of synthetic lighting in the home to make it appear light and airy. However, what can work very well is taking advantage of the natural lighting that you have available. Consider installing a bay window. By doing this, you can make the most of those gorgeous sunny days and bring summer into your home.

Big bay windows can add a light, airy feel to the interior of any room. When the sun gets a little too hot, you can add some bay window shutters. Simply pull them down when the room needs cooling down. There are many designs around these days so you can customize the look to suit your interior. Modern shutters can be made from a host of different materials, from metal to beautifully handcrafted materials. It’s a great opportunity to exercise your natural creative flare!
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This bathroom is completely transformed with these shutters. And the blush pink is absolutely stunning! Be sure to read my post on why everyone is crushing on blush pink decor!
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If you are working within a tight budget, then you may find yourself feeling that you are unable to afford to bring summer into your home. This could not be any further from the truth! There are many options available to those with a lack of spare funds.
By comparing prices online and looking at some of the many hundreds of budget decor stores online, you will most definitely be able to find items and equipment that will allow you to bring that glorious summer feel into your home.

By following even just a few of these tips, you will be able to bring a summer feel into the interiors of your home. By changing just a few things in your home, you will notice that everything in your home feels different. A change in the interior of your home can significantly improve the overall atmosphere.
What many people do not realize is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to bring summer into your interiors! It is something that can be accomplished on a budget, and something certainly worth considering if you feel your home is dull and boring and is somewhere you just don’t look forward to being in. Carry out some of our tips, and see how much of a difference it can make to your home.


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