Classics is always a winning option: such interior never goes out of fashion, looks luxurious and elegant, creates aristocratic atmosphere in the house. Who chooses classic style in the interior? People who appreciate traditions and stability, comfort the family hearth.
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Bases of the style
Classic design is characterized by consistency, symmetry, rigor and elegance. It is thorough, correct and accurate till the last details.The main colors of the classic interior are noble and calm: beige, cream, gray, pearl, deep burgundy, gold, peach, silver, olive and terracotta. Classic does not accept shrill and sharpness, contrast and gross excesses. All colors should be soft and warm, creating peace and a cozy atmosphere in the interior.
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When choosing finishing materials the preference is given natural materials - marble, elegant art parquet, best quality textiles. The main task of the classical style is to create a sense of celebration and elegance in the interior.One of the basic rules of this style is a complete lack of hypocrisy. It also applies to materials decor, furniture and accessories.
When decorating the walls drapery fabric, wooden wall panels, high-quality wallpaper with classic pattern and stucco are used. Generally restrained colors and noble materials here also are very important.
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The wallpaper must be only of high quality: cloth or silk. The wood paneling must be made of precious wood.
The ceiling is made mostly in white and its shades: ivory, cream and melted milk. It must be perfectly flat and smooth.
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The most popular and practically obligate elements of ceiling decor are stucco in all its manifestations: fillet, sockets for chandeliers, cornices, various panels. Often plaster or foam decorations are used instead of stucco.
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As for the floor finishing, as we have said, wood is the lider. Art parquet and laminate, solid wood are the variants of floor finishing in classic style. In the kitchen and bathroom you may use tiles with vintage ornament or natural stone.
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Simple lines and symmetry - these are the main criteria for the selection of furniture in a classic style. Of course, the ideal option is antique furniture, but it is not very available, so it is possible to decorate your interior with stylish modern furniture in a classic style. All furniture should be elegant, refined and carefully selected. Classical abhors the hustle and bustle – pay detailed attention to the choice of furniture once and it will delight you for very long time.
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Furniture made of solid wood and veneer, with glass inserts and curvy forms would become a real decoration of the room. Rule of noble shades when choosing furniture also works: sofas of cream or coffee color with floral ornaments or straight lines woven with gold – this is a sample of the classics.
Ancient columns, close curtains, lots of mirrors, vases and bronze statuettes are the basic interior decor.Also we have to say about the fireplace in the living room. It is the central element of the room, which makes the interior warmth and sincere. Facade of the fireplace very often is decorated with natural stone and wrought iron details.
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Designers of Nazar Decor are able to implement correctly and elegantly classic in your apartment ot house interior design. We will make your project unique, elegant and refined. All our works you can see in our portfolio.

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