Not all of us are luxuriating in endless amounts of square footage. But thankfully, big style can come in any size home! You just need to know how to get it. So, before you give up hope of making your cozy abode both functional and fashionable, take note of our savvy designers’ 10 clever secrets for small space design.

1.When incorporating an area rug into your small space, select a large, extending piece that covers the majority of your room’s floor instead of opting for a miniature one. Adding a little area rug to your small space is only going to draw attention to the fact that you have a small space. With a wide-ranging, textured area rug, you can add depth to your room while highlighting your bright hardwood floors or soft carpet.
2.Who says there aren’t winning alternatives to coffee tables? A normal-size coffee table in a small living room can make your space feel contrived and cramped. Substituting it with a smaller side table or even a pouf with a tray on top will do the trick and allow for more space.
3.You don’t have to miss out on feeling blissfully relaxed in small spaces. With light, neutral walls or wallpapers, a tiny room can feel spacious, serene, and airy. This gives you a chance to add flair to your space with fun accessories and decor such as wall art or animal sculptures. In the wise words of interior designer Baylee Deyon, “A little drama in a space will take a person’s eye off the size of the room, and more on what’s in it.”
4.Don’t follow every single design trend. While an eye-catching accent wall is what all the design enthusiasts and experts are raving about nowadays, it might not work so well with small spaces. Accent walls in small spaces can accentuate the line where your wall ends,
5.Having windows in small spaces is not only going to give you easy access to fresh air and Mother Nature, but also give you an excuse to jazz up the scene with beautiful curtains. Keep your curtains sheer or open,This will eliminate dark corners, making the room open up with light. Remember to mount the curtains as high as you can and with a slight overlap of the windows to create a look of having a larger domain and bigger windows.
6.Sometimes, where you place your furnishings can make or break your home. Keep furniture off the floor and on legs.It will keep your eyes moving around your furniture rather than stopping abruptly at a line. Don’t forget to leave some space between your furniture and the wall as well.
7.Small spaces aren’t immune to clutter. And if you want to avoid growing a pile of random knick knacks in the middle of the room, make sure to incorporate smart, charming storage pieces in every corner of your space. Invest in multifunctional furniture like storage ottomans or bed frames with under-bed drawers.Storage containers could be decorative baskets or simple plastic bins. Organized baskets make living in a small space much more convenient.
8.Getting bored with your interiors is common (we’re guilty of it too). We recommended furniture that is mobile. It allows for the space to function as you need it and furniture can be moved with easy.With mobile furnishings, you’ll have the luxury of being able to candidly explore different home design concepts and test out innovative angles.
9.Don’t ignore the capacity of your space’s vertical potential. Utilize the height of the room and walls whenever possible. In the past, I’ve used things as simple as tall floating shelves and wall mounted hooks to more unique solutions like hanging guitars on the walls.Wall sconces and chandeliers are chic additions to a space if you’re looking to not having sitting lamps or tall nightstands.
10.Last but not least, take note of the oldest and truest trick in the book: adding mirrors. Integrating medium to floor-to-ceiling mirrors into your small space will immediately create the delightful illusion of a larger, more spacious room. If you want to add dimension and subtle glamour, use mirrors varying in shapes and sizes placed ever-so-delicately in metallic or golden frames.

The advice we give is for your information, leave the rest for us. To find the most practical and interesting ideas for a small and cozy home, look for us and we will build it for you and for you.