1Renaissance or Renaissance gave the name of the style in the interior. People in the focus of this style are scientists and artists, poets and sculptors. Renaissance is a resurgence of interest in ancient culture, its beauty standards, the development of ideas of humanism and the desire to demonstrate the power and beauty of the earth, the human origin through the synthesis of wealth and harmony.
Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance. This is a country of great painters and sculptors, heiress to the greatness of the Roman Empire. Renaissance to contemporary art of interior design in the interest of its values and ideals, attempt to create a harmonious, solemn and majestic interior, allowing escape from the bustle of big cities.
During the Renaissance interiors used contrasting light and shadows, paneling of furniture and surfaces, perspectives painted in fresco, and elaborate turnings of structural support, as well as ornamentation.  Decorataive moldings, coffered cielings, highly elaborate fireplace mantels, and floors of birck, terra-cotta, or marble with geometric patterns characterize designs during the Renaissance.
Renaissance is a majestic and elegant, gorgeous and harmonious. Perfect for those who appreciate the beauty, symmetry, luxury and elegance of the Renaissance age. This style is one of the most beautiful historical styles. Its elegance and richness can unlock inner harmony of a spacious premises, giving it a sublime and yet solemn look. Renaissance style in interior design of houses, apartments, restaurants or salons – it is aesthetics of the Revival age, refined chic and celebration of beauty and harmony.
Modest colors: natural shades of brown, while gold and pastel colors (cream, light green, etc.), saturated accents of dark red, blue and yellow colors are welcome in these interiors.
 Renaissance is characterized by rich decor furniture-carving, inlay, gilding, painting.

2Symmetry- proportional geometric harmony are the foundations of style.
Restaurant or an apartment in the style of the Renaissance should not be overloaded with furniture. Renaissance is space and freedom, enriched with plenty of decor on furniture and walls;
Arches and columns, tall windows are suitable here, along with painting the walls, moldings, antique statues. Paintings by masters of the Renaissance (or their quality reproductions) will complement the interior in this style.
Renaissance furniture is comfortable and beautiful, cabinets, chairs, tables, desks, chairs, bed - all furniture are richly decorated with carving, gilding, inlaid.
 In the secretary's office or desk with many drawers look like architectural objects: they are decorated with miniature columns, reliefs, engraving .Carvings can be gilded. The chairs have a dodgy back, put your feet and arms.
 The bed should be spacious, with carved headboard. Luxury canopy will look natural. The tray can be round, oval or hexagonal. Furniture should be of high quality, expensive and luxurious.
Renaissance style in the interior of your home or hotel is unthinkable without such details as luxurious curtains, embroidered and decorative cords, plush rugs with geometric or floral patterns, soft touch fabrics of chairs, sofas, stools.
Cushions from the same cloth as the upholstery of sofas and chairs will also be important.

3Fabrics are: brocade, velvet, satin.
The walls must be smooth and light. It is better to use stone or luxurious fabric or wallpaper for their design. Murals or semi-carved wooden inserts (wall panels) are also suitable. Ceiling: high and preferably vaulted decorated with plaster or painted scenes from the life of ancient gods and heroes are relevant). Things made of precious metals, ivory, candlesticks, carved boxes and chests, paintings in gilt frames, vases, porcelain containers have a significant place.
 Renaissance is a great and elegant, beautiful and harmonious style. Ideal for those who appreciate the beauty, symmetry, luxury and elegance. This elegance and wealth can unlock the inner harmony of the spacious room, which gives sublime and solemn appearance.
 Where Renaissance suitable for interior?
To order a design house in Renaissance style is to give priority to the beauty and luxury, richness and complexity, majestic elegance and comfort. Dining in the style of the Renaissance is spacious bright room, the center of which can be a dining table or fireplace. Sofa and armchair, table and sofa, Secretary and bedside table - each piece of furniture is a work of interior art will be harmoniously complemented by mirrors and paintings in massive frames, heavy curtains on the windows and luxury carpet. Kitchen in the style of the Renaissance is the place of the royal meal.  Suitable is kitchen in the living room or dining room. Carved doors, massive dining table, ornate legs and backs of chairs, expensive porcelain - Renaissance rejects everything artificially cheap, boring.
The Renaissance period is perhaps one of the most creative and most beautiful styles ever existed. Elements of it never faded and are still used in modern interior designs. The whole aesthetic mixed in period makes it an attractive choice for any luxury home that strives to be elegant with a touch of royalty. While some stick true to the original design, others work freely with him and are born new creations inspired by the French aristocracy and lifestyle. The greatest presence Renaissance touch is in the bedroom, to improve the effect of the unusual combination of passion and comfort.

The bedroom in the Renaissance style is a huge bed covered with a canopy; attract attention cabinets with inlaid and artistic carvings, intricately decorated tables and dressing tables, heavy curtains and a massive chandelier.
Renaissance style in the interior design of the restaurant is chic and beauty. This restaurant will become a favorite meeting place for wealthy clients who appreciate stylish classical atmosphere, thoughtful design, the beauty of original antique furniture and art.
For modern interiors can be used only individual elements with an emphasis on Renaissance sound, but the main rule is: everything must emit much luxury, elegance and harmony.

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