Shocking chic is a form of interior design where furniture and furnishings are chosen because of their appearance at age and signs of wear or when new objects are hampered to get the look of antiques. At the same time it is emphasized soft, rich, though in decorative style decor, often with a sense of feeling that distinguishes it from the real decor. The interesting thing about it is that it first appeared not as an interior style but as a boutique and brand name by Rachel Ashwell. Rachel sets up her chain with the idea that the old one may look chic, picking out every commodity personally by going through the antique markets of the United States and England, and updating them. The exact translation means worn chic. The chain gains tremendous popularity and has a style in interior design.
Shabby chic is a form of interior design where furniture and furnishings are either chosen for their appearance of age and signs of wear and tear or where new items are distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique. At the same time, a soft, opulent, yet cottage-style decor, often with an affected feel is emphasized to differentiate it from genuine period decor.


he desire of almost every human to upgrade his home at the lowest cost is quite natural phenomenon. In today’s world of design, there are styles that can meet the minimum requirements. But along with the economic minimum, the desire for something unusual and creative is also inherent to human nature. One option for original ideas can serve as a Shabby Chic interior design style.

At first glance, the style name seems ridiculous. But in reality, antiques play a special role here, giving special chic to modern interior.

Style Features

Delicate colors, lightness and romance of Shabby chic is mostly liked by girls. The main emphasis in the design of furniture, household goods and a variety of decorative elements is made mainly on pastel or bright colors. A large number of various types of flowers, birds and fluttering angels are used. The use of all kinds of covers and napkins to make the respective type of furniture is appreciated. The fabric has a geometry of faint cells or stripes.


Elements of the situation should have the stamp of antiques, amaze with striking curved lines and abundance of ruches, vignettes and ornaments.


This style can be rightly recognized as a follower of retro and vintage styles thanks to skillfully chosen epochs` intermixing, a subtle blend of exquisite antiques and contemporary items.


Bright Painted furniture

The furnishings for this style should not be searched in modern furniture stores. Junk shop, antique shop, or antiques selling – these places will rightly help you to furnish a room in the style of Shabby Chic. Wooden furniture should be exclusively in white, with painted roses and angels.

Upholstery of the seating area should be also bright or in rose color. The curtains on the windows are made of expensive fabric, have a beautiful drape and additions in the form of swags and cascades.


The walls in the style of Shabby Chic

The main feature of the walls is rough, clumsy handling giving the appearance the effect of desolation. Alternatively, you can paste textile wallpaper or plaster imitation. This design is yet another touch of romance to the creative and artistic personality.


Original aging of the ceiling and floor

The flooring should be exclusively of wood. You can use the floorboard, previously artificially aged. As a finishing touch you can lay a threadbare carpet on the floor.

The ceiling in Shabby Chic style room does not have to hit with the snow-white purity and, on the contrary, bear the imprint of time. Dullness, abrasion, scratches – these are its main strokes. Add a little classical gilded stucco on the perimeter of the ceiling. The climax will be the creation of a crystal chandelier with multiple suspensions.


Antiquities in the decor

Household items specific to the style, are carrying the spirit of antiquity. Antique clock with half-erased gilding, old gramophone in the corner, skillfully made candlestick or tongs – all of these perfectly complement the ambiance of the room. Look for all sorts of antique stuff for your room. Faded picture in a heavy frame, multi-colored vases, jewelry boxes, bizarre phones, albums in the darkened leather bindings, ancient embroidery and many other antiques become an indispensable decoration of the interior in the style of Shabby Chic. But remember, they do not have to be perfect. In this style you can fearlessly shown defects. Moreover, artificially aging favorite subjects: flower pots, frames with family photos, fixtures and so on will be appropriate there.

Shabby chic style allows to animate the written-off and long-forgotten things. It is like creating a monolithic union of creative tacky and outmoded. But it is the oldness and the naturalness of the surrounding things determines the true value of this style. It allows creative people to create the oasis of romance and comfort at home without spending a fabulous amount of money.

You just need to find some old household items, to apply your skill and imagination, and, as a result, you can become the proud owner of a unique situation in the spirit of centuries past. Thus Shabby Chic style allows not only bring a new life into antiquity with the use of modern technology, but also to give originality and charm to any room.

However, do not overload the room with accessories. Instead of beauty and comfort you`ll get the effect of cluttered space. Choose only the most valuable and the most favorite things, or to make a masterpiece with your own hands. Special attention should be also given to the fresh flowers – they will become a beautiful addition to this stylish creative disorder.